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Windsor Bespoke Hand-painted Wooden Garden Obelisk

Windsor Bespoke Hand-painted Wooden Garden Obelisk


Enhance your garden with the exquisite Windsor Bespoke Wooden Garden Obelisk – a stunning centrepiece that beautifully showcases climbing plants. Handcrafted with attention to detail by our skilled carpenters in Lincolnshire, England, this obelisk offers a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.

Choose from the classic Ball or Acorn design, or opt for a completely unique and elaborate finial to add a personal touch to your garden. To ensure a sophisticated finish, each obelisk is hand-painted using premium-quality Farrow & Ball paint.

The Windsor Wooden Garden Obelisk is not just a decorative feature but is built to withstand the test of time. Made from high-quality, durable wood, this obelisk is designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting beauty in your outdoor space.

This obelisk is available in three sizes (5ft, 6ft and 7ft) and is designed to be a focal point in any garden. Its tall structure provides ample support for climbing plants, allowing them to flourish and create a stunning visual display.

Elevate your garden’s aesthetics with the Windsor Wooden Garden Obelisk from Robinson Garden. Shop now and transform your outdoor space into a captivating haven of natural beauty and charm.


Dimensions (Approximate dimensions and can vary due to design) 5ft Obelisk (H) 162 (with finial) x (W) 55cm x (D) 55cm
6ft Obelisk (H) 198cm (with finial) x (W) 64cm x (D) 64cm
7ft Obelisk (H) 225cm (with finial) x (W) 77cm x (D) 77cm
Weight Varies
Material Wood
Design Obelisk with Trellis (Buckingham) Obelisk without Trellis (Windsor)
Handpainted? Yes
Suitable for Climbing Plants? Yes
Does it need to be secured into the ground? No
Choice of Finial Ball, Acorn or Unique
Made in England, UK? Handcrafted in our Lincolnshire Workshop
Sustainably Sourced Timber? Yes, FSC Certified Timbers
Delivered Ready Assembled? Yes
In Stock? Each item is made to order. Please contact us for our latest lead times.

Why Robinson Garden?

No Assembly Required

Hassle Free!

All of our Bird Tables are hand delivered fully assembled, ready to use and packaging free!

FSB Certified Timber

Considering the Environment

We use FSC Certified Timber with all of our products
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Hand Delivery Service

A Personal Service

Our Bird Tables are hand delivered by our in-house carpenters.
Delivery & Lead Times

Handmade in Britain

Our Lincolnshire Home

Our Workshop is Based in the Hear of Lincolnshire, England where we handcraft all of our bespoke garden products with love, care and attention to detail!

Hand Painted using Farrow & Ball and Little Greene Paint

A Fine Finish

We use Farrow & Ball and Little Greene exterior eggshell paint to hand finish each of our beautiful hand painted garden products
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Please note that all of our products are made to order and hand delivered by our in-house carpenters. 

Due to this, our lead times can vary from season to season and we would advise to order sooner rather than later to avoid any potential delays. 

For our current lead times, please visit our dedicated FAQ page by Clicking Here

If you require an order for a certain time that is sooner than our current lead times, please reach out to us via email prior to ordering.

Yes, there is! Our Wooden Obelisk aftercare guide can be viewed by Clicking Here.

We offer three finial choices on our bespoke wooden obelisks which are the ball, acorn or unique.

As well as offering the traditional Ball or Acorn final we also offer the choice of a unique finial.

Each unique finial is uniquely designed and handcrafted by our in-house carpenters using our top of the range lathes.

No unique finial is exactly the same so if you choose a unique finial, our carpenters will choose a design based on their own design flare at the time.

Our bespoke Wooden obelisks are handcrafted using a range of softwood and hardwood.

We ensure that all of our wood is treated for wood knots, undercoated in Farrow & Ball exterior primer undercoat followed by a minimum of three coats of Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell paint.

All of our timber is FSC Certified and hand-picked by our carpenters from our local timber merchants.

Our current range of Wooden Obelisks can be viewed by Clicking Here.

Our wooden obelisk sizes can be viewed on our Wooden obelisk product pages. Click on the wooden obelisk you like and find size dimensions.

For made to order sizes please contact us via the contact form.

The size of the wooden obelisk depends on the climbing plant and the height you would like your climbing plants to grow.

For centrepiece displays, we would recommend a larger obelisk to allow the climbing plant to take full advantage of the obelisk height.

Due to the weight of the timber used to handcraft each of our bespoke wooden obelisks, securing down the wooden obelisks is not necessary.

All of our Wooden Obelisks are uniquely handmade by our in house carpenters in our Lincolnshire workshop.

Each of our bespoke products is crafted using handpicked sustainably sourced FSC certified timber from our local timber merchants.

The timber is treated for wood knots and then painted in Farrow & Ball primer undercoat followed by a minimum of three coats of Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell paint of your choice.

All of our bespoke garden products are individually hand-painted using the traditional wooden paintbrush. This begins by undercoating each product using an exterior primer undercoat.

Once dried, this is then followed by a minimum of three coats of Farrow & Ball Exterior eggshell paint in the selected range of colours.

At the moment we only sell fully painted bespoke Wooden Obelisks.

Wooden Obelisks will require maintenance from time to time, for more details please Click Here to access the Wooden Obelisk aftercare guide.

All of our wooden obelisks are hand delivered fully assembled allowing you to use your wooden obelisk straight away.
If your order is delivered via courier, the wooden finial will be placed into a small box to prevent being damaged.
The finial will have a double-ended screw to allow you to twist the finial by hand into place once the wooden obelisk is positioned.

Sure, our Gallery page can be found by Clicking Here

Wooden obelisks are a unique pyramid-style wooden structure to allow climbing plants to climb up to allow the plant to take full advantage of the height of the obelisk.